Over 20 years ago a friendship began between a future professional mountain biker and a past Olympic downhill skier. When Simon Lawton was a young teenager he began downhill mountain bike racing on Skibowl Mountain. Petr Kakes, founder of Hurricane Racing and the Olympic Ski & Snowboard School helped build the race courses and run the races. Together, they spent countless hours developing a lifetime friendship. When Simon became the “go-to” teacher of the World Cup pros Petr decided it was time to have Simon help him with what is the Mt. Hood Bike Park Academy.

Our mountain bike training plan and doctrine comes from We work closely with, and continue to redefine our techniques thanks to Simon, Founder of Fluidride. You will find Simon’s knowledge-based drills, skills and philosophies throughout all of our group or private lessons at every level.


It’s not about how good you are, it’s about riding your best and that starts with footwork, body position and ‘centering’. We teach you how to use the drive train system of bike and body correctly. This maximizes flow and minimizes effort and energy. We hear it all the time- “I know how to ride a bike”. After one lesson with us we guarantee that you will understand that it’s not about riding a bike, it’s about being one with the bike. That’s what we do for you at the Skibowl Bike Learning Center, regardless of your ability. We are considered one of the leading bike parks in the nation and we can help you ride!