This season, due to the national bike shortage, we have limited bikes available to rent this season and currently do not have youth bikes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



at Skibowl West

Hurricane Racing offers mountain bike rentals right at the base of Skibowl!

Although we have top notch bikes available to rent, we always recommend reservations. Reservations can only be completed over the phone, where we are also happy to answer any additional questions.

Please call 503-272-0240

Mon-Thur 11am-6pm, Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm




***Downhill bikes are recommended for the park because they are designed for riding in downhill bike parks. Trail bike are best for those pedaling uphill or on cross country trails

***ALL bikes come with half shell helmet

Additional gear available to rent:

Full face helmet - $10                     

Half shell helmet - $5

Body armor - $20                            

Elbow or Knee pads - $5

Gloves and Goggles - $5

  Rental Options:

Performance Trail Bike: 

1hr $25, 2hr $40, 4hr $60, 8hr $70

Downhill Bike:

1hr $40, 2hr $60, 4hr $80, 8hr $95


4hr $100, 8hr $130

How to rent a Mountain Bike at Skibowl


Step 1: Get your lift tickets at Guest Services (unless you wish to pedal up or ride elsewhere then skip to step 2).


Step 2: Go down to Hurricane Racing Bike Shop (where the bikes are parked outside).


Step 3: Choose a bike to go out on. Then choose the gear you wish to have.

Step 4: Fill out paperwork/waiver and present your credit card for a $500 authorization for each bike you are renting. (No debit cards). Your actual payment of renting the bikes will come at the end of your ride based off of the amount of hours you ride for. Your authorization does not count towards the final sale, you will need to have payment ready again. 


Step 5: Ride for as long as you wish to ride, the payment happens at the end when you return.


Step 6: Come back to the shop and have one of the mechanics check over your bike. Once checked off step into the shop and you will then need to present your card or cash to pay for everything. 


*Tipping is optional but appreciated*


We also have top notch mountain bikes available for purchase!

For current availability, visit the Hurricane Racing Pro Shop at Skibowl West or give us a call at 503-272-0240